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Jordan, the proprietor of America’s Movers, boasts 15 years of expertise in managing thriving moving and storage enterprises. Throughout this period, he diligently developed and executed efficient processes that enhanced various aspects of the business, including recruitment, dispatch, sales, and customer service, culminating in a level of service that consistently exceeded customers’ expectations. His entrepreneurial endeavors extended to multiple markets in the southeastern United States, propelling him to the forefront of the moving industry and earning his company consecutive accolades from the Better Business Bureau.

With an extensive background in the moving and storage sector, Jordan, the owner of America’s Movers, has successfully led and operated his businesses for 15 years. Through his tenure, Jordan’s relentless dedication to refining operational procedures, encompassing hiring, dispatch, sales, and, most notably, customer service, has enabled him to deliver service that consistently surpasses the expectations of his clients. As a result, Jordan’s brands have flourished in several markets across the southeastern United States, establishing him as a prominent figure in the moving industry and earning him consecutive accolades from the esteemed Better Business Bureau.



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