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Meet Jake Loveland, the proud owner of Bull Moving in Tampa Bay, along with his beautiful wife, Kelli, and their two sons, Max and Bo. With prior success as the founders of Eagle Moving LLC, the top moving company in Fort Myers, FL, they now extend their expertise to Tampa Bay. Their goal is to establish Bull Moving as the leading moving company in the area, offering top-notch, five-star service to their customers. Jake and Kelli are committed to maintaining the company’s reputation for professionalism, friendliness, and reliability. Their strategy involves hiring capable, polite, and professional staff who treat customers like family, ensuring exceptional customer service at all times.

Jake Loveland and his wife, Kelli, have built an impressive legacy in the moving industry, starting with Eagle Moving LLC in Fort Myers, which became the #1 moving company in the area. Now, they proudly own Bull Moving in Tampa Bay, intending to replicate their previous success. Their vision is clear – they aim to become the most reputable and dependable moving company in Tampa by delivering a five-star quality service. To achieve this, they prioritize exceptional customer service and employ only the best staff, individuals they would trust with their own family. With their dedication to professionalism and friendliness, Jake and Kelli are set to pass on this thriving company to their sons, Max and Bo, securing a prosperous future for the Loveland family and Bull Moving.


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