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College Movers, LLC was established in Idaho Falls, ID by Ethan Vastbinder during his time at Brigham Young University-Rexburg. Initially focused on assisting the community with affordable moving services, the company soon realized that its student employees were capable of providing assistance with various lifting, loading, and general labor tasks. As a result, College Movers expanded its operations to encompass several states including Utah, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii, enabling college students to earn money conveniently between their classes. Through its innovative business model, College Movers offers an economical solution for obtaining assistance while fostering connections within the college community, benefiting all parties involved.

Imagine receiving the help you need while simultaneously making a positive impact on local college students. Our approach ensures mutual benefits: you can save money and spare your back by avoiding the hefty fees charged by high-end moving companies, while simultaneously supporting young individuals from nearby colleges. By hiring College Movers, you have the opportunity to assist local college students while they provide the physical strength necessary for your moving or labor-intensive needs, be it for a residential relocation or assistance with your business. Our team is prepared to tackle the heavy lifting, ensuring a seamless experience for you.


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