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In Kindergarten, our enduring friendship began, blossoming into a lifelong journey. From early days as classmates, we traversed life’s milestones together, eventually becoming roommates at Texas A&M University, where we shared the pride of graduating as comrades. After earning our degrees, rather than diving straight into their respective fields, we opted to embark on unconventional ventures, delving into the realms of a nutritional supplement company and even venturing into the Christmas tree business. While relentlessly striving to establish these enterprises, we simultaneously worked part-time for a moving company to meet our financial obligations.

In a tale of camaraderie and ambition, our friendship’s roots laid the foundation for a series of shared endeavors. From the earliest stages of schooling, we bonded tightly, traversing the journey of education together until reaching the pinnacle of our college years at Texas A&M University. Rather than immediately applying our acquired knowledge, we took a bold detour, embarking on entrepreneurial ventures in the nutritional supplement and Christmas tree domains. Amid the pursuit of these ventures, we balanced our aspirations with practicality, working part-time for a moving company to sustain ourselves financially. This fusion of friendship, determination, and resourcefulness shaped a compelling narrative of growth and collaboration as we dared to explore uncharted paths in our professional lives.


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