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We are a reputable moving business situated in Dallas, established in 2010 by Elle Nesher. Since its inception, our company has remained dedicated to its core vision: to excel as a superior moving service provider and to offer unparalleled relocation solutions, setting us apart from other long distance moving companies in the market. At Element, our movers are committed to outshining the competition. As one of the most highly regarded long distance moving firms in the DFW area, we consistently seize opportunities to refine our expertise. Our emphasis on skill enhancement is evident through our insistence that a significant portion of our administrative team obtain and uphold a Moving Consultant Certification. This commitment ensures that our comprehension of the moving sector surpasses that of our counterparts, including other moving and storage enterprises.

Element, a prominent Dallas-based moving company established in 2010 by Elle Nesher, upholds its original mission to redefine the moving experience. Distinguished from fellow long distance moving enterprises, Element is resolute in offering unparalleled relocation services. This dedication is reflected in our status as one of the preeminent long distance moving entities in the DFW region. Through ongoing skill development initiatives, our team consistently strives to outshine competitors. Notably, a substantial portion of our administrative staff is mandated to obtain and uphold a Moving Consultant Certification. By adhering to this rigorous standard, we secure a comprehensive understanding of the moving landscape, solidifying our position as industry leaders.


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