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Fry-Wagner, a distinguished family-owned relocation and logistics company established in 1908, boasts a rich history of over a century. Despite its Midwestern roots, the company’s influence extends far beyond its brick and mortar locations. As an agent for United Van Lines, Fry-Wagner taps into an extensive network of domestic and international service providers to offer unparalleled moving services. With four generations of experience under its belt, Fry-Wagner is renowned within the industry for setting new standards and best practices. This, coupled with their unwavering commitment to excellence, ensures top-notch service and customer satisfaction. Regardless of the complexity of your relocation needs or budget constraints, Fry-Wagner stands ready to tailor their high-quality services to meet your unique requirements.

Fry-Wagner’s illustrious history began in 1908 when Mandel Fry inaugurated the family’s first moving and storage business in St. Louis, Missouri, during the same year that Henry Ford’s Model-T revolutionized American transportation. In those early days, horse-drawn wagons were employed to transport household goods. The company’s growth trajectory was evident, leading to the opening of a second location in Kansas City, Kansas, in 1981. By 1984, Fry-Wagner joined the United Van Lines agency family and continued its strategic expansion with additional Missouri locations in the 1990s. Today, under the leadership of President Larry Fry, Fry-Wagner proudly carries on its legacy as a fourth-generation relocation powerhouse. While the transportation industry has evolved significantly over the decades, the company’s professionals continue to exemplify the same skill and dedication that have defined Fry-Wagner since its inception.


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