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Gilbert Moving & Storage, established in 2016, initially started with modest resources—a truck and a small trailer. However, over time, we have made significant progress and now possess the necessary licenses for both local and out-of-state moving. In addition, we have enhanced our capabilities by acquiring large Box Trucks equipped with lift gates, enabling us to expedite the moving process and increase efficiency. Our office and warehouse are conveniently situated on the border of Gilbert and Mesa, just a few minutes away from Phoenix, AZ. Recognizing the inherent stress and lack of enjoyment associated with moving, we are committed to ensuring a hassle-free experience for our customers. We continuously invest in the training of our movers and strive to improve our customer service at all levels, from our dedicated staff to our management team. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a superior moving experience and create lasting memories for each of our customers.

At Gilbert Moving & Storage, we commenced operations in 2016 with limited resources, consisting of a truck and a small trailer. Since then, we have made remarkable strides, obtaining the necessary licenses to conduct both local and out-of-state moves. Moreover, we have bolstered our capabilities by acquiring large Box Trucks equipped with lift gates, facilitating quicker and more efficient moving services. Strategically located on the Gilbert-Mesa city border, in close proximity to Phoenix, AZ, our office and warehouse serve as a convenient hub. We empathize with the stress and lack of enjoyment often associated with moving, which is why we prioritize providing a stress-free and even enjoyable experience for our clients. Through ongoing training initiatives for our movers and a focus on enhancing customer service at all organizational levels, we are dedicated to delivering excellence. We eagerly anticipate learning more about your specific moving needs and aim to create an unforgettable journey for you.

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