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I’m Clay Kercheval, and I’ve been associated with Hawk Moving, serving the DFW area since 1989. Starting off as a mover myself, I recognized the potential of running this enterprise. This experience grants me a comprehensive outlook on the moving process. Besides my five-year stint as a mover, my family and I have undergone numerous relocations in recent years due to our expanding family size. As our household grew, the requirement for additional space became apparent. Despite the assumption that managing my own moving company makes personal moves effortless, reality is more nuanced. While my skilled crews have facilitated seamless transitions for me, there’s more to the process. My wife, Jamie, can attest to her feelings about moving. Comprehending the effort, strain, and time investment that a move demands, I acknowledge its necessity for embracing change. Hawk Moving aims to facilitate a stress-free transition for you, allowing you to focus on the subsequent stages accompanying your life changes.

Clay Kercheval here, associated with Hawk Moving, which has been a part of the DFW area since 1989. My journey began as a mover, but my aspirations led me to ownership of this venture. This diverse background affords me a well-rounded perspective on the moving experience. In addition to five years as a mover, my family and I have undergone multiple relocations as our family expanded. The misconception that owning a moving company guarantees easy personal moves is far from the truth. While my capable teams have efficiently managed my transitions, there’s a broader picture. My wife, Jamie, can shed light on the sentiment around moving. Recognizing the labor, stress, and temporal commitment inherent in moving, I acknowledge its inevitability for embracing change. Hawk Moving’s objective is to facilitate a smooth shift, minimizing stress so that you can channel your energy into navigating the subsequent steps that come with significant life changes.

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