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Hernia Movers Inc

In the mid-1970s, two friends were hired for a casual job assisting a small business in relocating. The experience was not only successful but also enjoyable, leading the business owner to suggest that they continue offering their moving services to others. This sparked an idea in the minds of the two friends and became the foundation of Hernia Moving, established in 1975.

Their first official move as Hernia Movers was for a university professor who had an extensive record collection, larger than most radio stations. The professor was extremely satisfied with their services, to the extent that they were entrusted with his move to Minnesota 18 years later. Since then, Hernia Movers has completed over 40,000 successful moves for both residential and commercial clients, covering both local and long-distance relocations. Throughout their journey, they have gained valuable insights into the significance of professional equipment and a professional approach.

Despite their growth, Hernia Moving has maintained their commitment to treating each move as if it were for a close friend. Their dedication to a personalized and friendly approach has remained unchanged. Additionally, they have chosen to remain independently owned and operated, distinguishing themselves from being agents, brokers, or franchisees. Working directly for the customers for over three decades, this aspect plays a significant role in the reason why their clients continue to return to them.


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