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Holloway Removals & Storage, now a national company, traces its roots back to 2012 when it started as a one-person operation, ‘Andy the Guy With a Van.’ Initially advertising on telephone poles, the business quickly gained popularity, particularly in Sydney, becoming the go-to for a vintage furniture dealer. In 2013, the company evolved, taking on the name Holloway & Son and expanding its services to include storage. The growth continued in 2015, leading to the adoption of the iconic logo and the business doubling in size. Over the years, Holloway expanded its warehouse count, maintained a unique culture, and embraced technological advancements, culminating in a national presence by 2024, with operations in Melbourne and Brisbane.

The journey of Holloway Removals & Storage is characterized by continuous expansion and innovation. From its humble beginnings with a single van, the company has grown into a national player with a fleet of over 40 trucks, strategically located warehouses, and a customer-focused approach. The evolution included the consolidation of multiple warehouses into a MEGASITE in 2019, expansion into Melbourne in the same year, and further growth into Brisbane in 2024. Throughout the years, Holloway has stayed true to its roots, preserving its unique culture and customer experience. The company remains future-focused, hinting at the development of a relocation app and expressing intentions to expand its reach across Australia.

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