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Little Guys Movers, established in 1992, is a privately owned moving enterprise operating across various states including Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, and North Carolina. The company specializes in an array of moving and packing services, catering to local, long-distance, corporate, and residential relocations. Rooted in a straightforward ethos of treating people well and reaping the rewards, Little Guys Movers has thrived through diligence and physical effort.

The company’s ethos is the brainchild of its founders, Chris and Marcus, who have been committed from the outset to transforming the often arduous perception of the moving process. The universal consensus is that moving ā€“ be it a household or a business ā€“ is a demanding ordeal that adds stress to an already complex life. Little Guys Movers was conceived in 1992 with the intention of revolutionizing this experience, aiming to make the transition smoother and more amicable for their clientele. This vision has evolved into an approach that prioritizes hiring top-tier personnel for their moving crews, providing comprehensive training right from the beginning, and ensuring transparent communication at every juncture of the moving journey. In essence, Little Guys Movers has elevated moving from mere physical labor to a form of hospitality and exceptional craftsmanship.



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