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Low Budget Movers Mover in Phoenix


Low Budget Movers

Low Budget Movers Phoenix, AZ Moving Pros was established in January 2010 with a commitment to providing exceptional moving services while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Having successfully completed over 1,300 moves without causing any damage to customers’ belongings, the company prides itself on its dedicated team of movers who prioritize both efficient moves and outstanding customer service. These core values have been instrumental in the continued success and motivation of Low Budget Movers.

Founder Brian Myers had firsthand experience with the unethical practices prevalent in the moving industry during his 10-year tenure at a franchise company. Witnessing instances of dishonesty, such as manipulating prices and holding customers’ possessions hostage for additional payment, deeply troubled him. The franchise company made false promises and engaged in bait-and-switch tactics, a stark contrast to Brian’s principles. Fueled by his disagreement with such practices, he made the decision to leave the franchise company and establish Low Budget Movers, aiming to offer a trustworthy and reliable moving service to customers.

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