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To be eligible for this position, it is imperative that you possess a valid driver’s license in addition to one of the following documents: your Social Security Card, Passport, or Birth Certificate. It is crucial to note that this role may require you to engage in extended workdays, often spanning from 10 to 14 hours. Furthermore, your availability must accommodate a variable work schedule, as there are no fixed hours; some days may necessitate longer shifts than others. Moreover, you are expected to have a dependable mode of transportation to reach our office, with the understanding that individuals such as girlfriends, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, or mothers are not considered as valid means of transportation.

In summary, eligibility for this position hinges on possessing a valid driver’s license along with supporting identification documentation. You should also be prepared for flexible working hours, which may extend to 10-14 hours on certain days, and have access to reliable personal transportation for commuting to our office. Please note that familial relationships are not considered suitable means of transportation for this role.

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