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Elena Villasenor and Jim Boer have dedicated more than two decades to the housing and transportation sectors. They are the esteemed proprietors of Moving Buddies, a local moving company that has garnered a stellar five-star reputation. Since its establishment in 2011, Moving Buddies has successfully facilitated the relocation of numerous individuals into their new residences. In 2022, Elena and Jim expanded their expertise by obtaining a Real Estate license, enabling them to offer clients the additional support of assisting in the search for new homes and the sale of their existing properties.

With an impressive track record in the housing and transportation industries spanning over 20 years, Elena Villasenor and Jim Boer have established themselves as reputable figures. Their ownership of Moving Buddies, a highly regarded local moving company, has provided invaluable assistance to countless individuals in transitioning to new homes since 2011. Recognizing the growing needs of their clientele, Elena and Jim decided to further enhance their services by obtaining a Real Estate license in 2022. As a result, they can now extend their expertise to help clients not only with the logistics of moving but also with finding their dream homes and selling their current properties.


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