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Pro Touch Movers, an insured and licensed moving company located in Jacksonville, Florida, caters to residential, commercial, and long-distance clients across the state. By emphasizing the significance of exceptional individuals and genuine expertise, we devote considerable effort to selecting the finest team members to join our company. Our origins trace back to Collegiate Athletes from Miami, FL, imparting an understanding of the value of robust individuals in handling the transportation of your valuable belongings. When you choose our services, you can rely on a crew that prioritizes punctuality, secure handling and driving practices, as well as exemplary customer service. Furthermore, all our moves are insured, aiming not just to meet your requirements, but to surpass your expectations and deliver a truly professional moving experience.

At Pro Touch Movers, based in Jacksonville, Florida, we are committed to delivering exceptional moving services to clients throughout Florida. With a focus on residential, commercial, and long-distance moves, we have established ourselves as a licensed and insured professional moving company. We believe that the foundation of excellent service lies in the quality of our team members, which is why we place great importance on selecting the best individuals to join our team. Our roots can be traced back to Collegiate Athletes from Miami, FL, who understand the significance of having strong and reliable individuals to assist in the transportation of your precious items. When you entrust your move to us, you can expect a crew that values punctuality, prioritizes safe handling and driving practices, and delivers outstanding customer service. Additionally, all our moves are insured, reflecting our commitment to not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations by providing a professional touch throughout your moving experience.


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