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Safestore Self Storage Crayford

Safestore, the leading self-storage provider in the UK, boasts 181 stores across various locations, including 130 wholly owned stores in the UK, with a significant presence in London and the South East, as well as key metropolitan areas like Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Bristol. Additionally, the company operates 29 wholly owned stores in the Paris region, 9 stores in the Netherlands, 6 stores in Belgium, and 7 stores in Spain, making it a prominent player in the European self-storage market.

Established in 1998 in the UK, Safestore expanded its reach by acquiring the French business “Une Pièce en Plus” in 2004, founded by the current CEO of Safestore Group, Frederic Vecchioli. This strategic move further solidified Safestore’s position as a leader in the industry, combining decades of experience and expertise to provide comprehensive storage solutions to customers across multiple countries.


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