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Stash + Lode Storage and Removals Moving Company in Cooroy


Stash + Lode Storage and Removals

Stash+Lode, with over 30 years of experience in the removals industry, distinguishes itself by combining meticulous care and a steadfast commitment to punctuality. This company prioritizes the utmost respect for clients’ belongings, redefining the removalist experience along the coast. Departing from the typical ‘get in, get out’ approach of traditional removal services, Stash+Lode focuses on care, consideration, and respect in handling moving tasks. For those seeking a well-presented crew that arrives on time and goes the extra mile to ensure the security of valuables, the Stash+Lode team is the trusted choice for moving and storage needs.

Originating from a desire to revolutionize the moving industry, the team at Stash+Lode, tired of subpar treatment by other removalists, embarked on a mission over 30 years ago. Evolving from humble beginnings, the company now offers a comprehensive range of services encompassing packing, moving, and storage. Their vision is to establish the coast’s premier removalist and storage company, dedicated to care, transparency, and integrity. Stash+Lode invites individuals who share their commitment to customer service and values to join their team and contribute to their ongoing success.


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