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Units Moving and Portable Storage

Founded in 2004 by Michael McAlhany, UNITS® emerged within the burgeoning mobile storage and moving sector. The company’s core objective was to deliver personalized and attentive customer service akin to local businesses, while also offering cutting-edge, top-tier equipment. The overarching vision was uncomplicated yet transformative: to tackle a spectrum of space-related challenges and alleviate the conventional hassles tied to residential or commercial moves.

UNITS® came into existence in 2004 under the leadership of Michael McAlhany, riding the wave of the nascent mobile storage and moving industry. With a primary focus on providing individualized and warm customer experiences reminiscent of small local enterprises, the company simultaneously aimed to introduce state-of-the-art, premium equipment. At its core, the company’s aspiration was straightforward but impactful: to address a wide array of spatial dilemmas and simplify the customary frustrations linked with relocating homes or businesses.


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